JavaScript Disabled: Either your web browser does not support JavaScript or your web browser and/or security software (such as a Firewall) have disabled JavaScript. To enable JavaScript in a web browser, go to the Advanced and/or Security section in your web browser's Preferences or Options dialog box. Consult your security software's Help for information on enabling JavaScript in your other security software. Here is how we use JavaScript:

Image Roll-Overs

Many images, particularly those that are hyper-linked, will "roll over". That means that when you place your mouse pointer over the image, the image changes, and when your mouse moves off the image it returns to its original state. This is purely a visual effect to make the image look active. Without JavaScript, the hyperlinks will still work.

Pull-Down Menu Navigation

Our site includes pull-down menus for navigation. These consist of a drop-down input control that allows you to choose from a list of destinations. By submitting your choice, you can navigate directly to your selected destination. The pull-down menus are implemented via JavaScript and will not work unless JavaScript is enabled. However, all of the destinations in these menus are reachable via other links on our pages. The pull-down menu is merely a short-cut.

Pop-up Windows

Some of our pages offer "Instant Help" on various topics in pop-up windows. JavaScript is used to open this pop-up window. If JavaScript is not enabled, you will not be able to open such pop-up windows. These "Instant Help" topics can be viewed in our "Help" section.